February 05, 2011

What Tools do you use ?

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I hope some of you find this interesting.

I was asked a question this week regarding the tools I use for blending graphite and it gave me an idea. Why don't we share our ideas on what works for us. I always wonder what tools other artists use for their work. Watercolor, Graphite, Acrylic, Oils, Pastels etc.

I purchased an embossing tool and to my dismay the ball was way too big for whiskers etc. The ball pulls out so I am thinking maybe I could get interchangable sizes ? At the moment I am using a home made stylus - a clutch pencil with a big darning needle inserted.  Nev kindly rounded off the end for me. It works well as long as I keep some blue tac over it to stop the needle from rusting when not in use. Not a good idea to put rust on good drawing paper... LOL.

It is hard to see some of the names on the products so I will list them.
Roymac #6 CB-90 Shader Brush
Roymac #4  CB - 90 Shader Brush... I prefer the #4 but is hard to get.
Pastel shapers  Taper Point and Flat chisel.
Tuff Stuff pencil eraser.
Koh-I-Nor Mephisto 0.05  clutch pencil.
Caran D'Ache  Fixpencil. 2mm single
Jacar  battery operated eraser.

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Pat said...

Fascinating what you use , Dors.
I was a bit concerned when I saw what looked like a car body rust removing brush :lol:

For watercolour, I use a technical pencil for the drawing, W & N artist quality paint and kolinsky sable brushes. Oh and I have a couple of goat hair hakes too :)

Jan said...

I don't use graphite but my all time favorite tool(s) for pastel are the Style Styx by Loew Cornell. They're meant for decorative painting but work very well as blenders for tight places when working with pastel.

jsicignano2.blogspot.com said...

Hi Dors,

Thank you for sharing. It's always interesting to see what artist use and the process their work goes through. I always learn so much from your post, again thank you for sharing.

All the best to you

Autumn Leaves said...

Ah...So this is a real artist's tools! Sigh...

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

What a great set of tools Dors! It's been awhile since I've done a full blown pencil drawing.
I'll have to pull together all my tools at some point and do the same.
I've never heard of a battery operated eraser?? That sounds interesting and fun!
Thanks for sharing!

Debra Keirce said...

That doesn't look like enough tools to accomplish those masterpieces! I assumed you'd have a 10 foot cube filled to the brim, like I do! I'm jealous!

Unknown said...

Thank you Pat for your input. I will have to check out those Kolinsky sable brushes.

Than you Jan. Interesting. I know you use a few blenders. I will check out the ones you use.Style Styx by Loew Cornell. I have not heard of those.

Thank you Joan. I too learn so much from yourself and other blogger friends. It's great when we can help each other, exchange ideas etc.

Sherry...I don't know about the real artist..LOL but I keep moving along hopefully in the right direction.

Thank you Gretchen...Oh wow I will keep an eye open for your posting on your tools. The batter operated eraser is very useful and a little tip... I use sand paper to get a nice point on the tip of the eraser. work super for fine highlights. Dick Blick has the erasers.

Thanks Deb. LOL I probably have more that a 10ft cube of pencils and tools like yourself. strange..we have to have but we can only use so much at one time. I like having lots when it comes to art toys.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Hi, Dors it is always interesting to see how little we use to draw with. One thing you didn't mention is what kind of paper you like to use. I use a very heavy paper, 2 ply museum board. It takes a lot of punishment when I want to blend and I don't have to worry about it getting a wrinkle if it is not handled properly. Have a good day,

Unknown said...

Thanks Wendy. I keep trying different papers. I seem stick with Arches 300 gms smooth.
I am constantly doing net searches for comments on drawing paper.
I too like a heavy paper and use watercolor paper a lot.
Hope your having a great day too Wendy.

Lene Daugaard said...

okay, this might answer my question to you last post. The shader brush are the rubber-ended brushes, yes? I am familiar with those :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lene. The Roymac shader brushes are hair brushes not rubber.
I will do a close up scan of the brishes for you Lene in a post.