August 30, 2011

In Dubois

We had a great day in Dubois Met up with Gary and Vicki Keimig. also Tom Lucas. We had lunch in a cafe in Dubois with Gary and Vicki.  Then went into The Silver Sage Gallery to meet Tom. 
Fabulous people and wow the art was superb in the gallery. 

Here are a few photos we took. It was a very hot day.  Gary was doing a workshop and we still had some driving to do to get to our destination that night in Rawlins on the way to Denver.
Gary and Dors

Tom and Dors.

Taking a look at Gary's work.

Silver Sage Gallery.

August 29, 2011

More on the USA's beautiful Country

Buffalo Herd

We could not believe it ....We were driving  along the road to take pictues of the Moulton Barn on Morman row Jackson hole.  As we had not seen any Buffalo or Bison close up...Nev said no problem Doreen when we get toi the Barn the Buffalo will be there with the wife and kids and even the relos.   Well we laughed so much because as we arrived there...Here were the herd and we stopped the car and they just strolled passed us...We could have touched them.   No zooms here. 

Just waiting to get the the photos resized from Dubois.  
Oh we are having the best time and there is so much more to come.... 

August 28, 2011

In the USA

OMG we are having so much fun.  Glad we don't have to pay for rolls film and processing these days.  taken so many photos.   Not seen too much wildlife yet except for Buffalo and the odd deer.
We had a wonderful time in South Dakota. Met up with a dear driend of 4 yrs emailing.  Maria was so lovely and it was like we had known each other all our lives.
Mt Rushmore.
Mt Rushmore was superb.
We went onto Jackson Hole and stayed in Jackson.   It was our anniversary during our stay in Jackson.  Great dinner

We left Jackson this morning..Oh I must say that the condo we stayed in "The Indian Painbrush" was superb.   Everything we needed there and they went the extra mile with the nice little extras.  
We drove up to Dubois from there and met up with Gary & Vick Keimig, Tom Lucas.   We enjoyed a lunch together at their favourite cafe.   The Silver Sage Gallery was awesome to see.  All the wonderful work of Gary and Tom. Lots of hugs and photos.   (to come).  I even got their autographs.   :)
We are now in the lovely B&B Ferris Mansions at Rawlins in Wyoming.   Elegant, old and comfortable. 
Ok time for bed after a long journey.  Nev had done most of the driving but I can now say I have driven in the USA which is the opposite side of the road driving and left hand drive.  It was a bit nerve wracking at first but good.  just have to think all the time...  we keep saying turn right and turn tight. LOL.   or as Nev says follow the car in front of you.  hehehe. 
It's all fun.  
The US is a fabulous country and we love the friendly people. 

August 26, 2011

In the USA (Las Vegas)

A fantastic Helicopter ride and Champagne Breakfast at the Grand Canyon.

Ok everyone has to put a dollar in the machine in Vegas.

A great time in Vegas but we are not Tinsel town people and as good as it was we were happy to move on to Denver.

August 25, 2011

In the USA

Arrived safely in the USA.  SF was fantastic..  We walked so much and saw so much.  Walked from The Hilton to the Golden Gate Bridge.   walked over the bridge and back.  wow sore feet but a great day.
We then flew to Las Vegas.  Tinsel town  LOL   Celine Dion concert was amazing as was the Helicopter down the Grand Canyon.   with Champagne breakfast and a delicious food hamper. Only 2 days in Vegas.   Photos tomorrow when we have resized. 
I caught a cold in Vegas which went to my chest.  Grrrrrr  I barked worse than a dog.  LOL  ended up at the Dr's in Jackson.  What with the altitude in Yellowstone and Teton being as high as 9,000 feet above sea level.   I gasped for breath and coughed .... On anti- Biotics and cough bottle and recovering well.  
The we flew onto Denver got into our rental car and headed up to South Dakota.   where we met my long time friend Maria.  (photos to follow).   Fabulous time in Spearfish, Rapid City. Mt Rushmore.
We will post photos as time permits.
We left South Dakota and arrived in Yellowtone National Park and onto Jackson Hole.  Staying at Jackson in a Condo.... very comfy.   We are here until Saturday when we leave for Dubois to meet up with Gary and his wife Vicki. can't wait to see them.
Then to Rawlins for a night and then to Denvor for our flight to Charlotte.  I will leave it there until we have sorted out some pics....we have thousands already. 
We love the USA.  
Lots more to post.....  soooooon.   Love to all and hope you are having fun painting.  I can see I will have lots to catch up on.  But for now we are having so much fun. 

August 08, 2011


Koala drawings in Graphite.  Arches 300 gsm smooth paper.

Just a couple of Koala and that's it until we return from our trip.  
Watch out for the photos though.
We will post photos on here , FB and Flickr. 
Happy drawing and painting. xx 
Hugs to all We leave Tues and will have the night in Sydney so we are close to the airport for our early flight on Wednesday.    

August 04, 2011

Kagaroo with Joey

Kangaroo with Joey
Arches 300gsm smooth paper. 20 x 31cm

Still drawing Kangaroos here. I just could not resist drawing this Mom with here sweet little Joey.