April 29, 2012

Lou WIP.

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"

I am doing this  as a  gift to the winner of a competition on the 
http://www.flickr.com/groups/bullterrier/pool/  The Competition  was called " Fridge Bull "
The winner is Elizabeth.  

Just roughing in here and need to get more detail on the head,  I will do a more close up of the head when it's fixed and detailed .
I feel like I am doing a miniature after the large Orang-utan.  LOL.  

April 20, 2012

Finished Orang-utan. #3 ;)

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 

I have finally finished her. I needed to make the orange peel look realistic.  I am calling this done and signed.

I know if I play around with it any more I will just mess up big time.   I'll get Nev to tie my hands behind my back..LOL.

April 19, 2012

#2 Finished Orang-utan

  Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
Here is the final finish.  After asking Rod what was in her mouth....Yes he also told me it was a young female and she is eating orange skins.     Hope you like the touch of color.

I have been working a little more on the inside of this orange peel. so needless to say there will be yet another update. LOL.  

April 07, 2012

Orang-Utan Finished.

                                                            Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.

I am calling this finished.  (for the moment).  I will look at it in a few days time and decide if this needs the touch of color or not. I feel what is in his mouth is not a good shape to be green. I may change the shape or just leave it as is and say it's coconut slices as it seems that coconut is a food they eat.
Thank you Rod for allowing me to use one of your amazing photographs.  
Rods photography here

April 06, 2012

Orang-Utan WIP #9

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
Almost at the finish of this adorable Orang-Utan.    I am now deciding what do do about the gap left of the hand between the front arm and the hand.  On the photo it is grass This is causing me a little frustration as when I did grass in graphite it just blended in with the fur...Grrrrrrrrr  not a good look.  If I do it green then what is in his mouth will have to stay white as it will be too much green.   I have printed a couple of copies on copy paper and will experiment to see what looks best.  After some searching I have come to the conclusion that what is in the mouth is coconut.  I THINK!!.   I could use artistic license and bring down the fur under the chin a little more and just blur out the small amount of BG.      Happy for any suggestions.  :D