July 24, 2010

Time for Wine. with color.

I know most of you like  that touch of color with graphite work as I do...    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Happy Drawing/Painting.

July 23, 2010

Time for Wine. Finished

I think this is just about finished.  I will leave it for a few days and see if it needs anymore tweaking.
I am definitely going to do more still life. stepping out of my comfort zone is good for me. I have learnt so much from doing this project.

July 20, 2010

Time for Wine. #4

I think maybe I should have called this a WIP.  LOL  It is proving to be a challenge but a worth while one.   Getting the darned bottle straight . This is now starting to take shape.  I think ;)
Still a way to go yet.  I am really enjoying the challenge of this.

July 19, 2010

Time for Wine. #3

Here is another update.   This project is proving to be a slow one.  I am enjoying the process and stepping out of my comfort zone.  :D  It's always fun to try something different.  I still have a way to go on the grapes and the table.
Hope everyone is having a fun painting/drawing day.
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July 15, 2010

Time for Wine.

Arches watercolor paper 300gsm. 32 x 20 cms

I won't call this a WIP because I may as usual get on a roll and forget to post. I will do my best to keep you updated with the progress. 
I am really enjoying this as it is so different for me. I am thinking maybe the wine and grapes will look good in the new kitchen .
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July 10, 2010

Break time over.

Time to get the pencils back in hand.  I have had a little break from drawing....  Got into some packing ready for the big move into our new home.   It's getting close now and with only  5 weeks to go.  3 for the house to be finished and the builders all gone.  Then it's the fun time,  main area tiles and carpet to be laid.   Light fitting to be installed, blinds for all the windows.
We have made a good start on the packing so that it will make it easy and no stress.  Plus a big bonus LOL all ornaments are packed...  WoooHooo   not much to dust now.

Here is an update of where the house is at.   Tiles being laid at the moment and then it will time for the painters. 

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