November 30, 2011

Busy time of the year

Yes it's a busy time of the year.  Heaps of preparation for one day ;). I love Christmas especially when children are around.  I have spend many years making and fitting out Dolls houses etc. A long time ago now. My daughter and family live in  Townsville Queensland, My son and partner are over in Western Australia (Perth).  Nevs son, daughter and their families are in Melbourne (Victoria)  We are spread all around our huge country. It's not always easy to get together.    We will chat a lot on the phone especially Christmas morning.
So this year is is just Nev, me  and Jessie. this year.  Christmas day we will have Turkey (no fuss a nice Turkey Breast to slice).  Ham of the bone and some King Prawns.  Olive bread and salad.   A bottle of wine.     I have to have Plum pudding, Christmas cake, rum balls mince pies etc... you know all those watch the waistline foods.  hehehe.  Oh when I think of Christmas's many years ago when we had traditional Christmas dinner, it was nothing to have 15 - 18 family and friends around the table.
I am putting up the Christmas tree today which I always enjoy with the help of Jessie..LOL.  I will post a photo when it's finished and the lights are on tonight.
I will be starting a WIP  this week.   A dog....Oh no it's not Jessie YET .  Ity's my son Greg and his partner Tash's dog called Jimmy Choo.    The drawing will be a gift. Ssshhhhhhhhh...

How is everyone's preparations going for Christmas?  

November 19, 2011


We have at last got our Bully.   We got her yesterday.  Jessie was a show dog and has had 2 litters of puppies the last being only 9 weeks ago. She went by the name of Audrey.  We will change to Jessie when she gets settled.   She will be 4 yrs old in January.  
Last night she was very worried and a little stressed.   Today sees a  huge change in her.  very calm and seems well settled.    She ate well at dinner last night and enjoys her walks.  She walks well on the lead.
Now retired as we are...Jessie can enjoy a good life with no work and all play.   We think she will be such a good companion for us and us for her.  She loves the tummy rubs.

November 12, 2011

Bison (Buffalo) WIP finished.

I think I will call this finished...  I can fiddle with it for ever LOL.  There comes a time to say  sign it and call it done.
I have really enjoyed drawing this wonderful majestic animal.   Now what can I do next.????  I am sure I will find something interesting from our trip.

November 10, 2011

Bison WIP #2

Canson 220 gsm Paper. 30 x 18cm

Got a little further on the Bison yesterday.  Still lots of detail to do yet.  It's so much fun drawing him with his thick coat     I'm not sure if they look like this all the time or if they are in the process of shedding the winter coat but then we took these photos in August/Sept.

November 06, 2011

WIP Bison

Canson 220 gsm Paper. 30 x 18cm

Time I started drawing.  A nice free day at last to draw. I am doing the complete animal so it will take me awhile. Lots of hair...  It's good practice.   It's pretty much at the ugly stage on the head. hopefully it will get better as I work on it.
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