February 21, 2011

Lioness WIP

A large drawing for a nice change. Just mapping out getting some base working. The size when finished will be 45 x 35 cm plus the border on Arches smooth 300 gsm paper.
The lioness ref photo comes courtesy of Rod Haley ( Flickr).  Thank you very much Rod for the permission to use one of your superb photos.
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Sue Clinker said...

Oh goodie ... a big cat (I have a soft spot for these fabulous creatures).

You're off to a great start Dors.

Autumn Leaves said...

This is looking awesome, Doreen.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sue and Sherry. I hope I can pull this big cat off.

I will try my best.

Jan said...

I agree with Sue! I like all the big cats but lions and pumas are especial favorites!

jsicignano2.blogspot.com said...

A magnificent animal. I am so happy you are doing this. It's already looking great.

All the best to you

Pat said...

She already has such a regal look! Going to be great, Dors xx

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jan Joan and Pat.
I am really enjoying drawing this Lioness. It's so much fun.

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Oh those eyes Dors!