July 31, 2011

WIP Kangaroo Finished.

Posted by PicasaKangaroo on Arches smooth 300gsm  paper 30 x 20cm.

I really enjoy drawing these Kangaroos as they feel part of  the family.  They visit so often now.
Only 10 more sleeps before we are up up and away on our US/Uk/China trip.
I may be able to get one more drawing in before we leave.  I don't think I will have much drawing time while away so I will post photos and keep you updated as to where we are.  We will have the net book with us so I will try and keep up with reading and commenting on blogs as much as I can .
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July 26, 2011

New arrival. Awwwwwwwwww

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lCKc8tURtc      This is an amazing video showing the birth of a Joey.

We had an idea this was happening and tonight there she was with baby Joey in the pouch.  Couldn't you just cry with joy.    Just beautiful and in our garden.   This is truly heaven in the back yard.

 They are tiny when they are born about 1" long, they find their own way after birth into Mum's pouch where they keep growing.  I think Mum kicks them out when they are big enough and strong enough to walk.

July 23, 2011

WIP Kangaroo

Kangaroo   30 x 20cm on Arches 300 gsm smooth paper.

Another Kangaroo. Nev took some great shot and now I am hooked on drawing them all.  LOL.
I am getting in as much drawing as possible as while I am away I expect we will be too busy with all the sightseeing and taking photos. It will be a while before I put pencil to paper. Maybe I will get a little time in the evenings to do some quick sketches, especially when I have had my Dick Blick fix.   I can't wait to get  into that store.  I will have to watch I don't spend to much of the holiday dollars.  hehehe.  
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July 20, 2011

Cutie Bub (Kangaroo)

Baby Kangaroo. 8 x 12"  on Arches 300 gsm paper
Graphite Drawing.

Ooops no WIP's.  I had better get back into them.   I have just been playing around  having fun with the photos that Nev took last week of the Kangaroos in our garden.
Today this gorgeous little one was right our side my window....almost like he was saying, Hey is that me you are drawing.  LOL  and yes it was.  

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July 15, 2011

Maycie Finished.

Maycie.  English Bull Terrier.  graphite on Arches smooth 400gsm paper.

Well Maycie is finished.  What's next.  I think maybe one of the Kangaroos  that visit us regular.
Nev took some great photos this week of them.  

July 13, 2011


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Maycie on  Arches 300gsm  smooth watercolor paper.   28 x 20cm
This is a gift for a friend in the USA where I will be delivering it by hand.   I still have some tweaking to do on it. and to finish work on  the front legs.  
I have not had a lot of time to blog the last couple of weeks with finishing drawings and getting things sorted for our big trip.  We are all sorted now, everything booked . I have done a little yummy clothes shopping but all is casual as I am not to much  of a  dressy up person.  The good old faithfuls like jeans and Tees.  LOL.  I feel so at home in. A lot of our time will be sightseeing and cameras in hand which will be so exciting and to be able to meet up with a few blogger friends is a huge plus. There will be a bunch  of photos .