June 23, 2011

Male Lion Finished.

Lion.  28 x 42cm  on  Waterford & Bockingford drawing paper 300gsm
I finished it this morning.    After many many hours work I am calling it done.  It's been another project that I have really enjoyed.

June 19, 2011

Lion WIP #5

Lion.  28 x 42cm  on  Waterford & Bockingford drawing paper 300gsm

The finish is slowing coming.   I get so attached to these beautiful majestic animals that I never want to finish as they then come off the drawing board.  I have been working on the hair and the features a little more. The bottom of the drawing is to be done yet which shouldn't take too long.  

An  Arty weekend to you all. 

June 11, 2011

Lion WIP #4

Lion.  28 x 42cm  on  Waterford & Bockingford drawing paper 300gsm

I got a little more done yesterday. It's slow work all the hair from now on is in the shadow. I am enjoying this challenging male very much.  
It's been so cold here this week, a good excuse for staying indoors and in the art room.  Our temps have been as low as 4 deg C with daytime high's 14 - 17.  which is cold for us.  It should be a little warmer today as the rain has set in.    tossing up...  housework - v- artwork.   Maybe a little of each.  LOL. 

June 10, 2011

Lion WIP #3

I managed to get more done the last 2 days on the Lion.   More to do on the mouth and get those whiskers happening and a little more work on the hair especial the dark under hair. The top 2/3rds will then be complete. There is a rock at bottom right corner.  I should have him finished over the weekend.

Hope you all have a great arty weekend.

June 03, 2011

Lion WIP #2

I progressed a little more this week.  I was hoping to be further along but I have had a week of running around.  I still have a lot of work to do on his face and the hair/fur.  He is slowly coming to life. As you will have noticed I dart all over the place.  LOL  I don't seem to be able to just work from a corner and concentrate on a small area at a time.     :)
With so much detail on his face it's going to take a while but I am enjoying the challenge of this majestic lion..