May 07, 2012

Lou Finished.

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"
Lou is now finished and signed. I just have to spray it then it will be off to Lou's home.  I have really enjoyed doing this for the Elizabeth and the Flickr Bull Terrier group.  The Competition  was called " Fridge Bull " 
The winner is Elizabeth.  Lou's owner.  

May 03, 2012

WIP Lou #3

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"
Almost finished.   Just a few tweaks which i will do tomorrow when I see it with fresh eyes.
The pose is the typical Bull Terrier sit.         The reference was very dark so I picked up the eyes from a ref of Lou in another pose. Also the nose from yet another ref.

May 02, 2012

Lou WIP #2

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"

I think I will call the the head finished Just started laying down the back hair which doesn't look too good  at the moment but with dark hair it takes a few layers.   I should have Lou finished by the weekend and then he will be om his way to Elizabeth and Lou.