April 20, 2011

Lioness WIP 7

Arches 300 gsm smooth paper   43 x 35cm

I should have this finished over the next couple of days.   When it's finished I will miss seeing her face. LOL I get so attached to my animal drawing... It's like getting to know them and making friends while drawing them. I don't know about adding the touch of color to this one.  There is the green grass but I am not sure.I need to think about it.  
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April 14, 2011

Lioness WIP #6

I didn't get much done this week on the Lioness.  I have had a sore throat and a cold which settled on my chest.  Happy to say I am feeling a lot better and getting back to the drawing board.

Our Trip
We have been very busy lately working on the plans for our upcoming trip overseas later in the year (Aug/Sept/Oct).  We are making this a special trip as we feel this will probably be our last trip overseas ... unless we win on the Lottery.  ;)  Most of our stops will be for 3-4 days.  First call San Fransisco, Las Vegas (Celine Dion Concert) Grand Canyon by helicopter ) , Denver  up to South Dakota (  Mt Rushmore) and most importantly to see my dear friend Maria, some of you may know Maria as Pencil Sanity. Then to Wyoming (Have a cuppa and dunk a ginger cookie with Gary and Vicki Keimig ). Visit Yellowstone National Park, A wildlife day tour. Then flying  across to North Carolina and make our way over 3 weeks up to Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, Connecticut. Meet up with very dear friends for many years that I met on the internet, the Maddare family that we have  previously met when Nev and I  married in Vermont 7 yrs ago.  Charles Maddare walked me down the isle ...well the grass bank in the gardens of the lovely Fairbanks Hotel in St Johnsbury. does that count for an isle.  LOL.    Then we go to New Hampshire, Maine, I will meet up with my dear friend Jill  in Maine that I met in an art forum a few years ago.  Then  finally onto  Boston for a few days. Revisit "Cheers"  where Nev had his 60th birthday on our last trip.    Leaving the USA sadly and  flying  to the UK  for 10days to see family, then flying to Beijing /Shanghai tour for 2 weeks, then  a few days leasure  to shop and  just wander  .  Then back to Sydney and home.

April 11, 2011

Dry Cleaning Pad.

1.  I have recently found this amazing tool. I would not be without one now...  The pad does not need washing as it cleans it's self.  It is also great for cleaning drawing tools.  shapers, brushes etc.

2. Fold as directed and rub to clean off any marks that you get around your drawing.

3. As you will see in the third image it leaves crumbs of  rubber.  Sweep them away with your brush.

4. It leaves a nice clean surface and no damage to the tooth on the surface.

I have researched the availability and most art stores carry them.  Dick Blick has them.   I paid $14.95 in Au  ....They are much cheaper in the USA.

April 04, 2011

Lioness WIP #5

Now comes  the hard part...All the rock :)  Still lots to do yet.  Her front paw will be outside the frame. I thought it would give a more 3D look.    Hope she looks like she's jumping off the paper.  LOL  or maybe a friendly paw to be stroked.  

April 01, 2011

Lioness WIP #4

 A little further on now. I have done quite a lot this afternoon but the light is not good now so I will post another update in the morning.   It's interesting as this seems to have all the shades of graphite in it.  I like that. 

I have been Featured.

two pencils grade hb
Art is Fun
I am very thrilled and honored to be chosen  Featured Artist on
  "Art Is Fun"  
Many thanks to Thaneeya. 
Please take a look around the site while you are there, there are lots of interesting articles etc.

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