April 29, 2012

Lou WIP.

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"

I am doing this  as a  gift to the winner of a competition on the 
http://www.flickr.com/groups/bullterrier/pool/  The Competition  was called " Fridge Bull "
The winner is Elizabeth.  

Just roughing in here and need to get more detail on the head,  I will do a more close up of the head when it's fixed and detailed .
I feel like I am doing a miniature after the large Orang-utan.  LOL.  


Mª Carmen said...

Bonita entrada, en principio se ve un dibujo estupendo.Te sigo.Abrazos.

Sue Clinker said...

Interesting pose Dors ... this will be a fun one to draw I'm sure.

Why 'fridge Bull'??

Unknown said...

Hi Sue. Why Fridge Bull. well Bull terriers have two favourite positions in the kitchen...1. the drop zone = where preparing food could get a few falls on the floor.
and 1... The fridge where good food is kept. English Bull Terriers are garbage disposal units. LOL. They would eat until they burst.
The pose is the traditional Bully sit.

Unknown said...

Ms Carmen. Thanks you so much for visiting my site and your kind comment.

Jan said...

The winner of this portrait is extremely fortunate that you're the artist. I know this is going to be fabulous.

Pat said...

Lucky winner to have a Dors original. Its looking fab already! xx

Crystal Cook said...

Lucky winner! And this is so beautiful Dors. you capture so much soul in your drawings. :)

Sue Clinker said...

Ahhh!! thanks for the explanation Dors - makes sense!

I have a Fridge Hubby at home :-)

hmuxo said...

I've been looking forward to your next piece, Dors!! The winner of this piece is so lucky.. This one is going to be another winner!...I visited the Orangutan again!! He's SO beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely kind words. Your all stars in my book. xx

still laughing at the fridge hubby Sue.