March 09, 2012

WIP #4 on Orang-utan

 Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
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A little more done today. I still have more to do on the face but I wanted to get some hair into place so that I could see how things were coming along, also there is so much hair that if I get haired out.  LOL  I can go back to the face.  I am really enjoying this project even though it is so large.  I am getting quite attached to this Orang-utan. I will have to ask Rod who took the photo whether he knows if it is male or female.

I think I will feel quite sad when it is finished.  I will have to get another interesting project ready to get into.
Anyway this will take me a while yet as I still have lots to do.  There is also a hand involved in this portrait which will be quite a challenge.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Happy drawing and painting.  xx 


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's coming along so well! I know it will take a while but am so looking forward to what you do with it!

Andrew said...

It is either a young juvenile or a female. The males have the ginormous pads of fat on there face.
BTW the drawing already looks fantastic, the texture is incredibly real looking

Andrew said...

Does the head take up the entire sheet of paper?

hmuxo said...

Amazing, Dors!! Even though its a slow process ..I can see exactly what was just added. I love this process and look forward to the next one.

sue greco said...

Love seeing your works in progress Dors.