November 19, 2011


We have at last got our Bully.   We got her yesterday.  Jessie was a show dog and has had 2 litters of puppies the last being only 9 weeks ago. She went by the name of Audrey.  We will change to Jessie when she gets settled.   She will be 4 yrs old in January.  
Last night she was very worried and a little stressed.   Today sees a  huge change in her.  very calm and seems well settled.    She ate well at dinner last night and enjoys her walks.  She walks well on the lead.
Now retired as we are...Jessie can enjoy a good life with no work and all play.   We think she will be such a good companion for us and us for her.  She loves the tummy rubs.


Pat said...

Welcome Jessie!
You don't know it yet, but you've landed on your paws, with a wonderful home.

It took our Missy a few months to be really settled and comfortable Dors, but she was twice Jessie's age, so I'm keeping fingers crossed for a quicker settle in for you xx

Unknown said...

Thank you Pat. I really appreciate your input here. We feel right now the change in Jessie from last night is remarkable. she is so much calmer today. still a little unsure but she is eating well and sleeping...LOL with one eye open. hehehe.

Jan said...

Oh, bless you for choosing an older dog, they seem to fit in more with us "older" folks!
Jessie is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure she will settle in quickly. She's the perfect age. It took C a long while to get totally comfortable but who knows what trauma she had in her past - plus, she's a Maltese and something of a Diva to begin with! Your Jessie probably doesn't come with the baggage of trust issues since she was in a stable home before.
Anyway, have a ball with her, I know you'll enjoy her so much!

hmuxo said...

She is soooo beautiful, Dors and I'm so happy that you got an older dog. I had a dachshund who passsed away and I always say...if I ever get another dog it will be an older one..who needs that special love! Enjoy her!!

Colette Theriault said...

What a sweetie!! Congrats on your new addition and hope she lives a long and healthy life with her new masters.

Unknown said...

Hi Jan, Hilda & Colette. Glad you all agree about the older girl.

She is settling down very well. She like to play a bit rough. LOL

Sue Clinker said...

Oh poor Mr Squeaky!! Jessie looks a bundle of fun and I'm sure you'll all have some great times together.

What is she like with your garden visitors?

Unknown said...

Hi Sue. Jess is ok so far with the zoo here LOL. We feed the possums after dark so she is inside then.
The birds... she hasn't bothered about them.
Bluey the Lizard, well she did find her but just stood and barked to let us know she had found him.
All is well so far. Jess is settling very well.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

She looks like a lovely dog and will be a great companion for you guys. My guy Rusty is 15 now but still a great pet, we wonder the streets every day and he is still great company. I value each day with him now as who knows how much longer he will be fit and able to enjoy our walks.

Unknown said...

Thank you Wendy and I do hope that your Rusty has many more lovely years with you. xx said...

How adorable. Bet I know what you next drawing will be, great subject.

All the best to you,

Unknown said...

Hi Joan. Glad you like her. Oh yes I think you will see lots of drawings and paintings of Jessie.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

I missed this post before Dors. I'm sure Jessie will bring you so much joy and love. We got our puppy as a companion for our other dog, who is also about 4 years old, but she is a bit neurotic and needy and doesn't like to be separated from me at all. We tried to get an older dog of the same breed (Chinese Crested Powder Puff), but they are hard to come by. Speaking from my experiences of the last few weeks, (as I put a pair of my husbands shoes in the bin), you are so much better off with an older dog. We got our other dog at 15 months old. She trembled for the first couple of months, especially around men, but has grown into a much more confident (but still needy) dog. I hope Jessie brings you both much pleasure!!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Karen.
Well if it's any consolation our Jessie is very needy also. She is settling well though.
I have never seen a powder puff until today when I did a search.
I hope your little puppy settles soon.I also stood in the poring rain last week waiting for her to do piddles, she also got into next door where the bobcat has been this week and going after her we both got into mud...what a mess. LOL. wish I had the camera with me.

Debra Keirce said...

She is so sweet!