November 30, 2011

Busy time of the year

Yes it's a busy time of the year.  Heaps of preparation for one day ;). I love Christmas especially when children are around.  I have spend many years making and fitting out Dolls houses etc. A long time ago now. My daughter and family live in  Townsville Queensland, My son and partner are over in Western Australia (Perth).  Nevs son, daughter and their families are in Melbourne (Victoria)  We are spread all around our huge country. It's not always easy to get together.    We will chat a lot on the phone especially Christmas morning.
So this year is is just Nev, me  and Jessie. this year.  Christmas day we will have Turkey (no fuss a nice Turkey Breast to slice).  Ham of the bone and some King Prawns.  Olive bread and salad.   A bottle of wine.     I have to have Plum pudding, Christmas cake, rum balls mince pies etc... you know all those watch the waistline foods.  hehehe.  Oh when I think of Christmas's many years ago when we had traditional Christmas dinner, it was nothing to have 15 - 18 family and friends around the table.
I am putting up the Christmas tree today which I always enjoy with the help of Jessie..LOL.  I will post a photo when it's finished and the lights are on tonight.
I will be starting a WIP  this week.   A dog....Oh no it's not Jessie YET .  Ity's my son Greg and his partner Tash's dog called Jimmy Choo.    The drawing will be a gift. Ssshhhhhhhhh...

How is everyone's preparations going for Christmas?  


Unknown said...

I will be working mostly this Christmas :( but otherwise I am looking forward to eating the Christmas foods. Looking forward to your next WIP :)

Sue Clinker said...

I dislike all the christmas hype intensely. Bah Humbug!!

David and I always try to have an 'alternative' Christmas Day doing our own thing but we have all the family here for Boxing Day and a traditional Turkey meal.

It means a lot of work as we have to drive to collect both our Mums and drive them home again at the end of the day (at 93 years old, David's mum always insists on going home just after the Queen's speech at 3pm)!!

This year our grand-daughter is 14 months old so a little more aware of what its all about!

Jill said...

Christmas this year will be just Jim and I. It will be a nice change for it to be just us, since my father is now under long-term care in a nursing home. It will be our first Christmas morning, just Jim and I in 14 yrs!
I won't really be decorating a lot, a tree and 2 stockings to stuff and a few special Christmas candles, etc. For dinner we'll have our traditional ham with sweet potatoes and few other fixings, along with Jim's favorite Christmas food, deviled eggs. hehe! No Christmas would be complete without them, to Jim. That's about it, keeping things simple is where we are at, for this Christmas. Got some shopping to do, but no fun toy gifts, anymore for the kids, since now they've all grown, almost. Gift cards are big around here, in New England. Jim's family's annual Christmas party is on Christmas Eve. I look forward to it. It's a big crowd, but a fun bunch and the when wine appears, everybody gets happy. LOL!

Tessa Lake said...

I have custody of my mom over Christmas. She comes over for 3 days during which I have to sleep on the living room floor while she gets my bed, I cook the Christmas dinner while she watches movies and has a glass of wine and I do the clearing up and prepare lunch while she has a snooze... I'm sure there's a problem with this picture!!! lol

I had planned on putting my tree up today but I also decided to go to the gym and now my injured knee is about to fall off, maybe I'll do it tomorrow :( said...

Oh, yes I know how you feel with your family living in different areas. Mine also, my daughter and her family moved to Virginia, so we won't have them this Christmas. I do have my son Pat and his family. But it's just Mike and myself and his sister on Christmas day. Love your tree.

All the best to you,

hmuxo said...

In my family, we celebrate on Christmas Eve ..maybe about 18 of us..BUT on Christmas Day my husband and I are alone which is wonderful. This year will be quite different without Dad! He will be missed!!

Unknown said...

Oh it's so nice to talk about what we are all doing for Christmas. Makes us all feel closer friends than just bloggers, Don't you think.

I am sorry you lost your Dad Hilda.
Thinking of you at Christmas and have a lovely Christmas Eve. xx

All the Best to you Joan...and I will Cheers to you on Xmas day.

I guess some will have to work over Christmas Kyla. Enjoy the Christmas food treats. xx

Have a great Boxing day Sue with your family. xx

I know it will be quiet for you Jill but you and Jim have a wonderful Christmas doing your own things and don't forget to have fun. xx Hugs.

I hope you can have a nice comfy bed on the floor Tessa ...It's so nice of you to give up your bed for Mom. Wish I could come over and give you hand with all the work. xx

I will raise my glass to you all on Christmas Day and say thanks for the great friendship Hugs

Debra Keirce said...

Merry Christmas! No tree for us thi yr.... Last yr we went to thefarm, moved the alien out of the foyer, set the tree there, and nothing....nobody wanted to decorate. I was tired after the ten boxes of secorations i had unboxed, but i put lights on it just before xmas, and there it sat. This yr, i bougt a two foot norfolk potted pine, altready decorated, set it at the feet of the alien, and vioa.... christmas! Lol! Hoildays are much simpler now that our kids are all teens!

Jan said...

We haven't heard what the kids will be doing this year but I imagine my daughter and her family will be here on Christmas Eve. We've always done Christmas Eve to allow the grandchildren "Santa" time in their own home.

But our son lives far enough away with other family near to him that he and his children usually come after Christmas. It sometimes means 2 dinners/celebrations but what can you do.

My DH put up outdoor lights yesterday and I'm sure he'll do the tree soon. I do not decorate so if it gets done, he does it. Fortunately, he really enjoys it!

Hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas season this year. I wish you all the very best!