July 23, 2011

WIP Kangaroo

Kangaroo   30 x 20cm on Arches 300 gsm smooth paper.

Another Kangaroo. Nev took some great shot and now I am hooked on drawing them all.  LOL.
I am getting in as much drawing as possible as while I am away I expect we will be too busy with all the sightseeing and taking photos. It will be a while before I put pencil to paper. Maybe I will get a little time in the evenings to do some quick sketches, especially when I have had my Dick Blick fix.   I can't wait to get  into that store.  I will have to watch I don't spend to much of the holiday dollars.  hehehe.  
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Autumn Leaves said...

I love your drawings and I've always loved kangaroos (I have no idea why).

AtelierBrigitte said...


jsicignano2.blogspot.com said...

Looking great already. Sue and I were wondering when you are leaving for your holiday. How exciting for you. Looking forward to your next post.

All the best to you,

hmuxo said...

I love close up paintings, Dors. This kangaroo is beautiful with all the fine details already!

Sue Clinker said...

Looking good Dors .... I've been catching up with the Google+ pictures and videos but its taking a while as we only got back in early hours yesterday .... hundreds of emails to catch up with!

I spent lots in Dick Blick when we went to Vegas for D's BIG birthday - but everything is soooooo much cheaper there than back in the UK.

Look forward to seeing more kangaroos

Jan said...

Another super drawing, Dors! Hope you get lots of reference photos while you're on vacation so you can use up all those DB purchases! Don't look on it as spending money but saving money by stocking up here!

Unknown said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments.
Nice to see you back on Blogger Sue. missed you xx
Oh Yes you are so right Jan.... I am saving money stocking up and also things are so much cheaper in the US. so It's a Win Win YAY!!
Joan...I put a message on your blogger.. We leave here on Aug 10.