May 26, 2011

Back grounds or not.

Referring to the last project of Mags...the magpie. 
I'm never sure about mixing mediums other than the little touch of color that I usually add. It's always hard to know if we should have a BG or not when we do animals in graphite. Some artists say without a BG the picture is not complete.  I always feel that Pen & Ink can work without a BG . Watercolor and oils need a BG.What do you all think?
The housework done and our trip all finalized. All bookings time to settle down back into my artwork.  We just have to sit back now and wait for the big trip.

My next project is going to be a Male Lion...the mate to the Lioness. I should get started on that today.

Have a great Arty Day.     


Sally McLean said...

I think the background on Mags is lovely and adds to the picture well. I also think that whatever medium an artist works in the choice of wether to use a background or not is a personal one and there is no right or wrong for a particular medium it just depends on the effect you want the finished picture to have. I love the graphits you do with the little hints of colour!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sally. I appreciate you comment. ;)

Pat said...

I don't think that there's a right or wrong . I feel every creation is unique and has a life of its own - and you as the artist will know if it needs a bg or if it would be happier standing alone. Follow your instinct.

Autumn Leaves said...

I also think the background is important. It does lend so much more to a piece. The good part is that you can keep it simple and make the centerpiece truly stand out, or you can add as much detail as you'd like to make the focal point exactly that (if that makes sense). I love when you add both touches of color and just a small bit of color. Barbara Freeman (she is on my sidebar) does much graphite work, or even silverpoint, and her extra touches of color just add a little bit of extra something something to her works. Anything you choose to do, Doreen, is going to be magical.

Lene Daugaard said...

hi Dors
I think there are no rules!
It depends on what you want. I have done both graphite and watercolors, with and without backgrounds. It was a choise I thought of every time, because of cause it has great impact on the final piece, wether there is a background or not.
That doesn't mean it cannot be hard to choose in some cases. But the important thing is to decide from start.

Jan said...

I think each piece you do will let you know whether it wants a background or not.

Maybe oil paintings should have backgrounds but I've seen some watercolor botanicals that do not have backgrounds and that were just breathtaking.

I do like that Mags has one - it really adds to it but it would be as lovely without one.

Can't wait for your arrival!

Brenda Hill CDM said...

Hi Dors, I think it's all your choice as an artist and if you feel a background would complete the subject matter. I don't do backgrounds with my figurative work

Unknown said...

Thank you all so much for your thoughts on this. I thought it would make for a an interesting discussion.

Jan..You are so right with the botanicals... They are perfect standing alone in watercolor.

Goos advise Pat... Follow your Instinct.

Andrew said...

You did so much work on the plants in the picture that I be lieve that a background would give it a furnished sheen to the effect.

Unknown said...

Thank you Andrew. I appreciate your comment. Hope your new blog is going well. said...

Dors, with your talent just trust your own judgement and what feels right to you. I have yet to see a post from you, where I haven't said WOW!!.

All the best to you,

Unknown said...

You are so kind Joan, thank you so much. I hope you are having a lovely arty weekend. xx

Unknown said...

I do like it when you add a touch of colour Dors, but Im sure it would work without too. Im not sure about backgrounds, its a great question. One thing I really believe is that a background can make or break a painting-it is that important. Personally I would always include a background of some sort with my oils, by which I mean some colour. However I have seen some work that keeps this to a minimum particular portraiture of animals and people.
I dont have any experience with pen and ink or graphite, but I have seen plenty of artists who dont use a background and it seems to work. Theres no reason why the white of the paper cant act as a background, I guess you have to go with your instincts, its a subjective thing like other shave said. Sorry I havent been much help!