March 12, 2011

Chakra WIP comission. #2

Coming along better now I have changed to the smooth paper.   I have had a good few hours at it today. Nice and relaxing.     I need to correct the whisker over the eye.  ;)  It's good to post... as soon as I get a drawing posted on my blog I see where things need sweaking.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Dors, you always get the fur to look so wonderfully soft.

Unknown said...

Thank you Vic. The wonders of a flat shader brush, The Tuff Stuff Eraser stick and lots of patients.
Hope your having a great weekend.

Sue Clinker said...

Is this going to be your Year of the Cat??
Chakra is really coming to life now.

Renske said...

It is not yet finished, but the eyes are stunning.

Pat said...

Gosh Dors - she's looking absolutely beautiful... what a treasure she'll be when finished! xx

Autumn Leaves said...

I see no difference in its beauty, Dors! Still exceptional any way you look at it.

Jan said...

You work magic in graphite, Dors! I think the smoother paper is working for you as this looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks so much as always I appreciate you all. wish we could all get together and draw/paint. wouldn't it be a giggle.

I will stick with the smooth paper. Now I will have to do some watercolor work to use up the pad I just bought..which is medium. ;)