October 14, 2010

More wild life in the Cross's garden.

I had a nurse of this gorgeous Blue Tongue Lizard this morning as he seems to have made our garden his home.
The photo is on Nev's camera. I will post it when Nev loads it onto his computer.

Here are a couple from yesterday.
He is enjoying a nice lump of minced steak....  Premium quality too.   LOL.

Another addition to our wildlife.
A Dragon Lizard. 

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Sue Clinker said...

Your lizard is about as spoiled as my Spike (hedgehog) .... who refused point blank to touch the 'cheap' dog meat David bought for him at the weekend - we've had to do another shop to buy the gourmet meat he prefers :o)

But ... isn't it great to have these little characters visiting our gardens

Lovely photos

Jennifer Barnes said...

Hi Dors,
We must live in similar environments! We have a family of blue tongues in our backyard. We actually had quite a few but our young dog finds them too interesting. It is a bit of a battle to keep them safe so we catch them and place them next door and hope they have enough sense not to come back through the wire. Rather have the lizards than the snakes any day!

Pat said...

Pretty amazing to have those in your garden :)

jsicignano2.blogspot.com said...

Hi Dors,

It's so nice to have your subjects come to you. I bet the little guy is your next project. All the best to you.


Jan said...

I just love seeing the wildlife from different areas and while seeing something like that in person might freak me out a bit, it's still a very interesting creature!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Wow, he is so cute!
I wish we had animals like this here in the UK.
I love his bright blue tongue!

Unknown said...

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to view our wildlife. Glad you like all our wildlife.

We love it too. :D

m1 Designs said...

I really enjoy the wildlife in the garden, also I am not sure that I would be brave enough to touch it. LOL
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Wow. I must admit we don't have things like that here and I think I am kind of glad. But it is very interesting to see your lizards in your garden!!

Krista Hasson said...

Wow these are beautiful, I wish we had lizards and interesting specimens here

sue greco said...

Hi Dors,

What great pictures of your resident lizard. He looks quite at home. I have a big bullfrog that is living in my pond and although I have no intention of touching him I am glad he is there.


Gary Keimig said...

great post Doreen. Cute little fellow.
Great job on the Kangaroo.

Unknown said...

Thank you all so much. I will let you know if have any additions. :)

Debra Keirce said...

You have to start charging admission when you have visitors!

Unknown said...

LOL Deb.