October 01, 2010

Kangaroo WIP #3

Still more work to be done. I am not really happy with the paper, it seems too soft and flimsy. (Strathmore 400 series med drawing paper) I am thinking about starting this again on Arches paper that seems to have more body. I am finding the paper is creasing and I am just not happy with it.
Decisions decisions. LOL. lot of work but I am very fussy. Looks like it's a start over... Take 2 about to begin. :)
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m1 Designs said...

Love the work Dors. I can understand about the paper. I too like a more substantial feel to my drawing surface. Either way, your doing a wonderful job.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Maria. It's all in the learning. :)

Sue Clinker said...

What a shame Dors as its such a beautiful drawing .. can you mount this paper onto a more substantial backing sheet?

I know I'd have a problem with 'lightweight' paper now - having become used to sanded/textured papers which are more like card

Pat said...

How irritating that the paper isn't up to what you want :(
He is looking so good, too - those eyes feel like they are weighing the viewer up!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sue and Pat. I have already made a good start on the new one and it is working out so much better. I will post the new one as far as I have got tomorrow when I can take a photo in good light.

Natalia Stefanek said...

Beautiful drawing Dors! I am myself starting my wildlife series, something I wanted to do in a long time! Have a nice and creative evening :D