June 06, 2010

Taking a Break

I am going up to Townsville to visit my daughter Sandra and family for 5 days.
My two grandsons know I am going but don't know what day in June... hehehe.

5 nights with a weekend carry on little case. Hmmmmmm getting good... LOL well I can get 3 days wear out of a pair of jeans... washing things through at my daughters is not a problem. although we will be doing so much girl stuff there will hardly be time for washing. LOL. It will be great to see them.
Nev is batching for the week so he can keep an eye on what is happening with the new house.  here is where we are up to with having it built.   We hope to move in end of July -Aug.

We are going by train tomorrow to Sydney and staying at a hotel in the CBD for the night and then Nev will take me to the airport and see me on my way.
He will probably take a 100 photos on the way back home.  wow.. 5 days with no one to make his cups of tea.   hehehe. I think he will enjoy the peace but will be pleased to see me when I get back home.  

Happy drawing and Painting .  Back soon.


Sue Clinker said...

Hope you have a brilliant visit with your daughter/grandchidren Dors. I'm used to travelling light with just handluggage these days - but we normally only go to our house in the Canaries so everything we need is there really.

How exciting - having your new house so close to completion. Where is it? My geography isn't good - I had to Google Townsville to see what part of Australia its in ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Sue. LOL i know it's a big country. We are building at Bolwarra Heights. NSW. ( North of Sydney).
We can't wait to move into the new home. it's been almost 2 yrs since we left Qld.
The rent is so high these days.It will be great not to have to pay that.

Sue Clinker said...

Looks like a fabulous location - national parks/forest and sea all pretty close. I just watched a Youtube video of the 2006 steam fest (steam trains) shot in Bolwarra Heights and it looked spectacular :o)

Autumn Leaves said...

Have a great trip, Doreen. The house looks a vision! I'll bet you are so excited to get in there!

Unknown said...

Sue...Yes it is a lovely area.. We are in the Hunter Valley region.
Close to all the lovely Vineyards.
Don't forget where we are if you ever visit downunder... you will be most welcome.

Sherry. Thank you and yes we are very excited about the new house. can't wait to move in,

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Dors, how exciting for you to be moving into your new house soon and in such a fab location. Have a lovely trip...and doing washing should definitely not be on your itinerary! And...poor chap, your husband, having to make his own tea :( He might be planning a wild party in your absence - will he tidy up in time for your return! Lol.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit!

Unknown said...

I do hope you have a wonderful break Dors. We lived in Townsville for four years (Annandale) and you certainly chose the best time of the year to visit - enjoy!!!

Teresa said...

Enjoy your trip and break. Hope your hubby gets along better than mine would... I'm not sure mine can even boil water!

Debra Keirce said...

Have a WONderful vacation Dors!

Unknown said...

Thank you all for the great comments. and Janet.... No party..Nev said the cooking would be no problem ...It's finding the girls to come to the party LOL.

Yes Karen..the weather was perfect.

I had a great time.

Unknown said...
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