June 17, 2010

Back to the drawing board.

Time i was getting back to my artwork.   I have a commission to do of a gorgeous Airedale called Bailey. I will do a WIP and it will be in graphite.  I am looking forward to creating Bailey.  
I will post the first stage probably  Friday or over the weekend.  

I purchased some new Staedtler graphite pencils while I was in Townsville. It was great to wander around an art store.  I don't have a local art store here at home. I mostly shop online.  or I have to travel into Newcastle.
We are planning a visit to the USA again early next year and guess where I will be heading...    Dick Blicks,YAY!!!   I will also be keeping my eyes open for other super art stores.  You artists living in the USA are just so lucky to have so many choices of art materials.    Especially Sandford and Strathmore .
It's good to be back at the drawing board...LOL  addicted artist   hehehe. 


Autumn Leaves said...

Isn't traveling always fun, Doreen? It is for me, at least, but then I've always had a strong wanderlust.

Unknown said...

Sherry.. you know if we had the money Nev & I would travel the world. not just to touristy places but to see where and what the everyday peoples lives are like and their parts of the world.
We both just love traveling, nice to know you are the same.

Teresa said...

I often hear artists in other countries comment on how lucky we are in the US to have access to such a wide variety of art supplies... and I know they're right. Sure is nice to be able to browse such a huge selection.... enjoy your time at Dick Blick... a good time to really stock up!

Sue Clinker said...

Great to see you back at the drawing board Dors.

I've commented frequently about the huge selection of art materials available in the USA (and not here in the UK) but managed to sneak in a trip to Dick Blick when we went to Las Vegas with friends to celebrate hubby's 60th ... I bought sooooo many pencils (many of DB's own brands also).

We also travelled home with new tenpin bowling balls - they are also cheaper to purchase and have drilled in the USA :o)

I think the grass definitely is greener ....... :-)

Unknown said...

Teresa and Sue.

Oh yes I will stock up as much as my suitcase will hold when I get to Dick Blick's. LOL I may even throw away some clothes to make room. hehehe.
My grandsons just got new roller blades from California as they are the best. I just wish the shipping charges were not so high.
I did order some goods last year..Strathmore 400 series pad and pencils. The shipping cost more than the goods.
I keep pleading with our art store to stock Strathmore paper and the sandford ebony pencils.
I have found an art shop that supplies Prismacolor open stock here... YAY... happy about that.

Nice to be back with you on blogger.

Jan said...

You'll have a ball shopping in different art stores here! If you get a chance to go to a Jerry's ArtaRama, be sure to do that also. And if you end up close to North Carolina, give me a shout and maybe we can meet! Hey, there's a Cheap Joe's in both Boone and Charlotte (NC) - great art store also!

Anonymous said...