January 17, 2010

Blue Tongue Lizard ... Update #3.

The size of this CP drawing is 33 x 26 cm on Drafting film.

Almost there. It's been a lot of fun doing this one. It was fun after doing the Lizard..I just worked the rest as it came to me. That's the best part of creating art.


m1 Designs said...

OMG this is turning out beautiful Dors. Those leaves must be testing your patience. LOL But they really do add so much to the composition. Very well done.

Janet Pantry said...

Very impressive Dors, it looks thoroughly convincing! I've never tried drafting film, must get some and have a go :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Maria. Yes patience tested. LOL. funny but it was quite relaxing and fun.

Thank you Janel. you will enjoy the grafting film. it's great.

Carolina said...

It's looking amazing already, and all the detail included (which I love), is a success!
Best regards,