January 16, 2010

Blue Tongue Lizard. Update #2

The size of this CP drawing is 33 x 26 cm on Drafting film.

Here is an update on the Lizard. I have decided to just make the background up as I go along. Didn't think that grass and bricks was a good way to go.LOL.
Still have a lot to do on this yet. The leaves and twigs take such a long time.


m1 Designs said...

I love it Dors. With the detailed foreground and the log this drawing will have lots of depth. Very nice work.

Unknown said...

Thank you Maria. always appreciate your feedback.

artbykarieann said...

told you drafting film is amazing! Love the lizard Dors

Janet Pantry said...

Dors, this is looking great, interesting to see how you are composing the picture as you go along. Don't think you've said what size it is ? :)

Linda said...

Amazing work, as always a triumph, and still a bit to go, can't wait. Lindax

Unknown said...

Karrie-Ann, Janet and Linda... Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

I should have another update today.

Oh sorry Janet...for got to mention the size. I have now posted it on the update.