April 03, 2009

My Art Supplies

Thought I would show you my art supplies...   I love my art toys.  don't you ? 
i have purchased even more pencils since I took this photo.  I am so happy ...I have found an art shop in Australia that have Prismacolor Pencils..open stock... I have to order online..but that's a small price to pay to get the pencils you want. 


Martina said...

Wonderful drawing space! And how calming it is to see that you has as many pencils as I have! I often think I'd better join a support-group for pencil-addicted anonymus. *rofl*

Btw - I have exactly the same graphite pencils like you - Staedtler and Derwent. I love these brands and I prefer a wooden graphite pencil, no mechanicals.

However - I'm looking forward to seeing your WIP.

m1 Designs said...

Love your new space. When I get moved again I too will once again have my own space to create in. I miss that.

Jill said...

Wow, what a great art space and it's so organized, wish mine was! It's more of an "organized mess" lol.
We just love our art toys, don't we?

Sonia said...

Wow, Doreen! Is my dream to have a space like this of my own... :)
By the way, I have just created my blog and choose the same template. Hope you don´t mind! ;)

Unknown said...

Nice to see you Sonia. I don't mind at all.