April 09, 2009


Oh dear I was tweaking the final bits.....I messed up big time... Ruined it.  So it's back to the drawing board and start over....  I should learn when to STOP.  can't help myself.  

I will post the new drawing.    wonder if it will look better or worse.  LOL.  hope it workes out better as I was ready to post this to my daughter. 


m1 Designs said...

Oh no, what a disappointment. I am so sorry that this happened. I find myself stopping on my work as soon as possible. Sometimes I think I should have done this or that and of course at times I too have to start over because I messed up on something huge. I guess we are never really safe from that.

Unknown said...

Thank you Maria...I am ok with doing it again. It's all practice.
I would not have been happy giving my daughter the messed up one...even if I could have patched it up.
Hope this one turns out ok LOL

Jill said...

Oh, Dors, I know how kind of discouraging it can be to go just a bit too far and goof the whole thing up and have to start over. I'm amazed it hasn't happened to me--more.
But I do understand that you what it to be "right" to give to your daughter.
I guess that we learn from these things--like how to make it" EVEN Better than the original!
Keep going--