August 28, 2011

In the USA

OMG we are having so much fun.  Glad we don't have to pay for rolls film and processing these days.  taken so many photos.   Not seen too much wildlife yet except for Buffalo and the odd deer.
We had a wonderful time in South Dakota. Met up with a dear driend of 4 yrs emailing.  Maria was so lovely and it was like we had known each other all our lives.
Mt Rushmore.
Mt Rushmore was superb.
We went onto Jackson Hole and stayed in Jackson.   It was our anniversary during our stay in Jackson.  Great dinner

We left Jackson this morning..Oh I must say that the condo we stayed in "The Indian Painbrush" was superb.   Everything we needed there and they went the extra mile with the nice little extras.  
We drove up to Dubois from there and met up with Gary & Vick Keimig, Tom Lucas.   We enjoyed a lunch together at their favourite cafe.   The Silver Sage Gallery was awesome to see.  All the wonderful work of Gary and Tom. Lots of hugs and photos.   (to come).  I even got their autographs.   :)
We are now in the lovely B&B Ferris Mansions at Rawlins in Wyoming.   Elegant, old and comfortable. 
Ok time for bed after a long journey.  Nev had done most of the driving but I can now say I have driven in the USA which is the opposite side of the road driving and left hand drive.  It was a bit nerve wracking at first but good.  just have to think all the time...  we keep saying turn right and turn tight. LOL.   or as Nev says follow the car in front of you.  hehehe. 
It's all fun.  
The US is a fabulous country and we love the friendly people. 


Pat said...

glad you're enjoying yourself. The photos are great! xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like your having a great time. Let me know if you're coming up into my neck of the woods! Blessings!

Autumn Leaves said...

I am so enjoying your trip, Doreen & Nev. Happy belated anniversary too!

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

Welcome to the USA Dors! Sounds like your hitting all the hot spots. I always say, there is so much yet to be seen in my own country! Have a great time....maybe you'll get to see some of our wildlife!

Jan said...

It looks as if you're having a wonderful time! I'm glad our country isn't disappointing to you. It will begin to look so different as you go from west to east and even from our mountains to the Piedmont toward the coast.
I hope our wildlife will cooperated and show themselves to Nev's magic camera! Saw some does and fawns in the front orchard this morning but the bucks seem to have moved on - perhaps preparing for the fall rut or something!
Only about 4 and a half more days until you arrive! Yaaaay!

hmuxo said...

The Indian Paintbrush is where I stayed!!! I, as well loved it colorful and such friendly people!! You guys look like you're having such a wonderful time! Happy Belated Anniversary to you and hubby and welcome to the USA !!!

Teresa said...

So glad you're enjoying your trip, seeing lots of interesting sites and meeting lots of nice people.