August 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

All is going well.  Carpets laid today.  We have all the kitchen goods put into the cupboards,drawers etc.
The linen all put in the linen cupboard most of the boxes unpacked.
Tomorrow I will clean right through the unit here that we have been renting.  Thank goodness I have done all the windows.

We hired a Light Ace Van today and took all the small things around to the house, and the plants,trees etc.

Only 2 more sleeps and we will be there.  Wednesday 7am  the heavy furniture will be taken by the removal company.
and guess what it has rained all day today.... The new house land is like a mud bath.  YUCK. !!!! It will still be wet and muddy when they deliver the furniture.
The driveway concreting has been held up due to wet weather so the driveway to the garage cannot be used.  Can you imagine mud with the furniture being brought into the house.... brand new carpet and tiles.
Grrrrrrrrrrr     I am thinking OK   they will have to put all the furniture in the family room( tiled area) Then Nev and I will have to place the furniture into the rooms later that have carpet.    The removal men won't take off their muddy shoes to walk on the carpet...  safety I suppose comes first.

We will get there....or I should say our old saying... We will bumble through.  LOL
Still smiling and right now a glass of Chardy in hand.   :).

Hope you are all happily drawing/painting there,   Computer is going off tomorrow....  should only be a couple of days and I will be back.....
Hugs to all. 


Pat said...

all very exciting, though, isn't it Dors? We moved Christmas before last - can still remember the thrill.
Hope you'll be very happy in the new house xx

Sally McLean said...

Sounds exciting but exhausting Dors. Perhaps the removalists could walk through on those plastic carpet runners you sometimes see in display houses?
Happy move!

Janet Pantry said...

Nearly there now Doreen. Yes, plastic runners or dust sheets on the floor are the order of the day I think. Good luck! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Girls. I think dust sheets will be the cheapest...way to go.

The sun is shining today with a bit of luck it will fry the mud a little. Will still need something on the floor to protect.

Almost there. WoooHoooo yes it is so exciting... LOL one more sleep.

Krista Hasson said...

Good luck with the weather I hope the sun dries up all the mud. Ask the moving guys to put floor covers down first (here they have big sheets sort of canvas they can lay down.. if you ask)Hope you get all settled in OK.

Unknown said...

Oooo yes plenty of dust sheets, hope it gets sunny for when you move in. Enjoy your new house:)

Unknown said...

Thanks Girls. YAY!!! the sun is shining and a strong wind has been blowing all day. so everywhere is dry...
Got a heap done today. should be plain sailing tomorrow.

Jan said...

With the time difference, I would guess that you're nearly into the process of actually moving right now! I'm so excited for you, you'll be so blessed to have your own home and a new studio to work in!

Continue to keep us posted & lots of pictures, please!

Autumn Leaves said...

Gosh Doreen...I was thinking how much your photo reminds me of Jan Blencowe, another artist I follow. You two could be sisters! Anyway, I hope and pray that the move goes smoothly, despite the mucky mud. You could maybe lay down plastic over the carpet too? An expense, I know. Looking forward to when you can get back to your beautiful art!

Teresa said...

Sounds like everything is moving along very fast now. Wish the weather were better for you :-( but I'm sure you'll work around it without any major problems.

Tomorrow is "Key Day"! Congrats!

Gary Keimig said...

exciting times Dors. Now you can really get into your art. No excuses. LOL

Fay Akers said...

yeah! I found a fellow color artist. I've enjoyed your site today. I'll be back.