May 07, 2012

Lou Finished.

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"
Lou is now finished and signed. I just have to spray it then it will be off to Lou's home.  I have really enjoyed doing this for the Elizabeth and the Flickr Bull Terrier group.  The Competition  was called " Fridge Bull " 
The winner is Elizabeth.  Lou's owner.  

May 03, 2012

WIP Lou #3

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"
Almost finished.   Just a few tweaks which i will do tomorrow when I see it with fresh eyes.
The pose is the typical Bull Terrier sit.         The reference was very dark so I picked up the eyes from a ref of Lou in another pose. Also the nose from yet another ref.

May 02, 2012

Lou WIP #2

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"

I think I will call the the head finished Just started laying down the back hair which doesn't look too good  at the moment but with dark hair it takes a few layers.   I should have Lou finished by the weekend and then he will be om his way to Elizabeth and Lou.

April 29, 2012

Lou WIP.

Arches 300gsm  smooth paper.   8" x  10"

I am doing this  as a  gift to the winner of a competition on the  The Competition  was called " Fridge Bull "
The winner is Elizabeth.  

Just roughing in here and need to get more detail on the head,  I will do a more close up of the head when it's fixed and detailed .
I feel like I am doing a miniature after the large Orang-utan.  LOL.  

April 20, 2012

Finished Orang-utan. #3 ;)

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 

I have finally finished her. I needed to make the orange peel look realistic.  I am calling this done and signed.

I know if I play around with it any more I will just mess up big time.   I'll get Nev to tie my hands behind my back..LOL.

April 19, 2012

#2 Finished Orang-utan

  Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
Here is the final finish.  After asking Rod what was in her mouth....Yes he also told me it was a young female and she is eating orange skins.     Hope you like the touch of color.

I have been working a little more on the inside of this orange peel. so needless to say there will be yet another update. LOL.  

April 07, 2012

Orang-Utan Finished.

                                                            Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.

I am calling this finished.  (for the moment).  I will look at it in a few days time and decide if this needs the touch of color or not. I feel what is in his mouth is not a good shape to be green. I may change the shape or just leave it as is and say it's coconut slices as it seems that coconut is a food they eat.
Thank you Rod for allowing me to use one of your amazing photographs.  
Rods photography here

April 06, 2012

Orang-Utan WIP #9

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
Almost at the finish of this adorable Orang-Utan.    I am now deciding what do do about the gap left of the hand between the front arm and the hand.  On the photo it is grass This is causing me a little frustration as when I did grass in graphite it just blended in with the fur...Grrrrrrrrr  not a good look.  If I do it green then what is in his mouth will have to stay white as it will be too much green.   I have printed a couple of copies on copy paper and will experiment to see what looks best.  After some searching I have come to the conclusion that what is in the mouth is coconut.  I THINK!!.   I could use artistic license and bring down the fur under the chin a little more and just blur out the small amount of BG.      Happy for any suggestions.  :D

March 30, 2012

Orang-utan WIP #8

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.   
Only the bottom section to do now and then to overall check for any tweaking . I have decided whatever is in her mouth is going to be green...  thanks  to everyone who tried to work it out with me.

I think the next update will be to see this finished.
                                                 You can see  Rods amazing photography here

March 22, 2012

Orang-utan WIP #7

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.   
Here is another update.  It's a funny angle the way he is lying down.   Being so large I have to keep adjusting my measurements especially where is from arm is pushed forward on the left but I am getting there slowly.
 I will probably add a little color with what he is eating...If only I can tell what it is.  LOL.  On the color photo is is a creamy color which doesn't really help me.   The white patch is grass showing between the head and the arm.   I still have a lot more detail on the hair to go and the forehead.   It's a really enjoyable project.

March 18, 2012

WIP Orang-utan update #6

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.  
Getting there slowly.  I am trying to concentrate on the hair. There is so much of it and it does get a little tedious.  I will probably end up switching from the hair to the hand and more shading on the forehead.

Just a reminder  You can see  Rods amazing photography here   I am always very grateful to Rod for allowing me to use his awesome photos.

March 14, 2012

WIP Orang-utan #5

Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.  
I am really enjoying this project. It's the largest I have ever attempted.  Still a long way to go yet. Thar hardest part is managing it on my drawing board.  It fits well sideways on but up the right way my board is no way big enough.   I am working it mostly sideways.  A challenge indeed.    As long as I don't have to stand on my head. LOL.

March 11, 2012

WIP Orang-utan

Arches smooth watercolor paper. 

Andrew  asked me how much of the full sheets of Arches paper did the Orang-utan take up.  Here is the actual take up space on the surface.   The Orang-utans hair will cover as much on the left as I have done on the right. The hand and more hair will leave a border at the bottom the same as the top.   
Hope this gives an indication of the size.   

Andrew also said " It is either a young juvenile or a female. The males have the ginormous pads of fat on there face.
      Thank you for the info much appreciated.  

March 09, 2012

WIP #4 on Orang-utan

 Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
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A little more done today. I still have more to do on the face but I wanted to get some hair into place so that I could see how things were coming along, also there is so much hair that if I get haired out.  LOL  I can go back to the face.  I am really enjoying this project even though it is so large.  I am getting quite attached to this Orang-utan. I will have to ask Rod who took the photo whether he knows if it is male or female.

I think I will feel quite sad when it is finished.  I will have to get another interesting project ready to get into.
Anyway this will take me a while yet as I still have lots to do.  There is also a hand involved in this portrait which will be quite a challenge.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Happy drawing and painting.  xx 

March 08, 2012

Update #3 Orang-utan

 Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 
 I managed to get quite a lot don yesterday  although it is a slow process being so large. Still a long way from being finished.

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March 05, 2012

Update #2 on Orang-utan

 Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet. 

A little more done. Seeing it posted always seems to show little thing that need to be changed. The left eye looking at it needs to be adjusted a touch wider. There is a huge amount of hair on this Orang-utan which means lots of work. Should keep me quiet for a while. LOL.
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February 26, 2012

Orang- Utan

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Once again I would like to thank Rod for his generosity in allowing me to draw from one of his many superb photographs.  You can see  Rods amazing photography here
This is going to be rather a large drawing on Arches smooth surface.  approx 22 " x 30"  It is a full sheet.

I have been taking a much needed little break from my blog after finishing Jessie's portrait.
I had so many things I needed to catch up on around the home.
I hope to catch up on all your blogs in the next few days .
Happy Drawing and Painting.  :)

January 25, 2012

Jessie checks out her portrait.

What's the verdict Jessie.  Does it look like you?  She gave the lick of approval.   :D

January 19, 2012

Jessie Finished

Arches 300gsm.   21.5 x 34 cms

I am calling this finished.   I am ready to move onto something in Graphite.  I am not totally happy with it. I will do one in graphite and see how it turns out.  At least I have a live model here.  Hehehe.